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love the game thank you :):):)

good game

This gives me so many nostalgic memory's from the good old flash days.

A simple fun game with a great soundtrack




Oh this looks right up my street! Thanks for releasing it :-)


Good game. Wish that I had known about it when I was a kid.

Thanks! ;)

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BussinBeat was bussin on god on god


Do a android version MR. DEV.

It's a very good game

Yo, those red m1 were begging to overtaken (I really like to think of them as riced up Honda Civics with wings). This was very fun to play

i love it

Loved the retro vibes and the music (worth playing just for the soundtrack). Brings me back to the old commodore 64 days and Outrun. Great work!

Cool game here's a speedrun

It's too much fun! It gives me the flash game vibes that you find hidden in a page and you are pleasantly surprised, too well done, I will play it on regularly


boi i didnt say anything why do i have to shut up?


I wonder if the next step would be to allow modding of the game, for custom cars or tracks, would be very interesting!

güzel oyun kardeşim eline sağlık, sade ve nostaljik

I enjoyed this one a lot, thanks!


loved the design 

Gameplay, design, sounds are very very nice. If you can add multiplayer it will be perfect !(split-screen)


Enjoyed this immensely. Gave me nostalgia for this pizzeria I used to frequent as a kid that had arcade racing games like this. Replay value is high, and there's a good balance of difficulty. EPIC soundtrack!!

Made a video

Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feeedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you :)

-The concept it's quite fun and enjoyable.

-The gameplay mechanics work really grear and having the difficulty adapted felt really nice as the game was very welcoming for new players like me ^^

-The music is VERY awesome, it makes every level really fun to play.

-The visuals stay quite nice and fresh with those "classic arcade racing" vibes.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Amazing arcade game. Love the games like that. 

Thanks, very cool walkthrough!

Hi Mushy, I am David, do you need a translator english - spanish for your games?  , I will wait for your answer, and thanks so much for your time  :)

The game looks great :D.Is it available for win32 bit

Thanks! I'm not 100% sure but this version should work on win32 bit as far as I'm aware.

100% SURE !.I downloaded it and it run pretty good on my potato pc.Thanks for this game:) 

Ah, great to hear that! Thank you for letting me know, enjoy! :)

Hi, cool game. Any chance you will make a linux version?

Thanks, unfortunately the tech/framework I used for this game doesn't support Linux builds.